The Team LTW


Our mascot, so cute,
so pretty and so adorable ...

Image 7

Jimi & Kiki

Our bartenders who are always
in good shape at aperitif time!

Image 8


Patricia, the "Grand" Manitou "
of the LTW raffle

Image 6

Bibi & Nath

Our suns, responsible for cooking
and for fun atmosphere!

Image 7


Our national Frédo,
always in a good mood

Image 8


Too beautiful and soon promoted
Miss Limouzi Tango!

Image 6


Rather tiring ... but chief
things well aligned!

Image 7

Cristobal & Flo

In truth, one is serious
and the other just pretends

Image 6


Responsible for security
and remote monitoring ...

Image 6

Monique & Sylvie

Our beauties, smiling,
welcoming and at your service

Image 7


Professional and undisputed
ironing champion

Image 6

Sylvaine & Laurence

Our little reception fairies,
mischievous and mischievous...

Image 6

The new ones

Carine & Jérémy,
those who think a lot

Image 7

The elders

who think less then because
of the new ones are here...

Image 6


Like Mary Poppin's:
absolutely perfect in every way

Image 6


Hervé & Magali, still loyal
to the job despite the distance

Image 7

Farin & Laurence

AESF graduates: Available,
effective, smiling and friendly!

Image 6

The Others

The ones we haven't taken a photo of yet, but it will happen!