Eléonora & Murat

We exceptionally welcome to this 4th edition of our marathon the magnificent dancers Eléonora Kalganova & Murat Erdemsel. They will offer 6 classes including an individual technique class, separated in 2 different rooms. It's a real chance to receive these artists and the opportunity to see them together in France might not happen again !


Friday 28th October 2022 :
14 h - 15 h 30 Workshop 1 : Musicality
19 h - 20 h 30 Workshop 2 : Partnersip

Saturday 29th October 2022 :
12 h - 13 h 30 Workshop 3 : Individual Technique
13 h 45 - 15 h 15 Workshop 4 : Embrace and vocabulary

Sunday 30th October 2022 :
12 h - 13 h 30 Workshop 5 : Environment
13 h 45 - 15 h 15 Workshop 6 : Vals

Workshop n° 1 : Musicality
Phrasing with good old canaro and Di Sarli. Creative solutions to dance sentence but sentence, erasing the beat from our beginner years.

Workshop n° 2 : Partnership
Sharing the music in the partnership. Understanding the timbre/instrumentation of tango and dealing it as a leader and follower.

Workshop n° 3 : Individual Technique
For men and woman in two different rooms.

Workshop n° 4 : Embrace and vocabulary
Close embrace colgadas. Marathon friendly colgadas.

Workshop n° 5 : Environnement
How to dance in very crowded milongas. Shaping our embrace and our vocabulary and "surviving in big crowds".

Workshop n° 6 : Vals
Our most fun class. Lots of changing partners with strong musicality. Woman’s musicality is highly encouraged.

Workshops will be given in English but the maestros will have several translators available
experienced and bilingual at their disposal.

As with the marathon, a good experience of tango is required to participate in the workshops, which will all be intermediate level and above. They will be progressive in terms of difficulty so that
everyone has something to deepen or work on.

Workshops will be limited to 20 couples and once they are full, registrations will be closed without notice.

Priority will be given to participants of the Limouzi Tango Week-End. If there are places left on the workshops,
people will be able to register on site at the reception on the same day.